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About The Happy Gardener

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Water Management Project

The Water Management Program gives homeowners
a simple solution by providing....

  • Gardening education through our newsletters...

  • Schedules to set their irrigation clocks by...

  • Separate watering schedules for the most common types of sprinklers...

  • A source of information that is broken down into a language that a layman can understand.

  • More drought survey information available on request !

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Irrigation Schedules
january february march
april may june
july august september
october november december
link Know Your Irrigation Parts.

link Irrigation Worksheet. NEW !

* These irrigation schedules are designed for homeowners; single family dwellings,
and are not intended for use on large landscapes and commercial sites. *

Tips to remember
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link Your Water Meter-Learn a Little, Save a Lot.

link Words of Wisdom for Water Management.
link Say No to Runoff.      NEW !


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