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Know Your Irrigation Parts


Spring Action
Pop-up (fig. A)

Made from hard-bodied plastic with a spring inside. The pressure allows the spring to pop- up and when the water pressure is off the spring snaps the shaft back down inside.
Gravity Flow Pop-up

Gravity Flow Pop-up (fig. B)

Pressure pushes the shaft up and gravity drops it back down. If the pressure is not maintained then gravity flow pop-ups tend to leak at the base.

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Pop-ups (fig. A, fig. B)

Lawn impact pop-ups
(fig. F)

Single stream rotors
(fig. H)

Mult-stream rotors
(fig. C)


Shrub risers (fig. D)

Pop-ups (fig. A)

Impacts (fig. G)

Single-stream rotors
(fig. H)

Mult-stream rotors
(fig. C)

Drip emitters
(fig. E)

Drip Emitters

Drip Emitters (fig. E)

Their job is to determine how much water will be used per hour.

Impact Sprinklers

Impact Sprinklers (fig. G, fig. F)

A type of impact sprinkler that's designed for the lawn comes in a cannister that allows it to sit in the ground (left, fig. B). The other type is designed for the landscape and it fits on a riser
(right, fig. F).
Multiple Spray Rotaries

Multiple Spray Rotaries
(fig. c)

Uses less gallons per minute than the single spray rotaries. These sprinklers work best on a hill or slope where less water is required and reduced runoff is desired.
Shrub Adapter with Riser

Shrub Adapter with Riser
(fig. D)

The shrub adapter screws into the 1 /2" riser. The nozzle simply screws onto the shrub adapter.

Single Spray Rotaries

Single Spray Rotaries (fig. H)

Lets out a single spray and moves slowly to allow the water droplets to penetrate the soil. Rotary sphnklers are designed to cover large areas. They pop up above ground level.

WaterSavers** & PCD'S**

A WaterSaver is a plastic disk that is inserted into the bottom of a shrub adapter. Its functions are to stabilize water pressure, reduce fogging and reduce runoff. Pressure compensation devices (PCD's) are inserted into pop-ups and shrub adapters and have the same functions as WaterSavers.

** are available
PCD's Nozzles


Nozzles screw into the end of shrub adapters and pop-ups. Their function is to distribute water. Examples of the most common spray patterns are shown.

Spray Patterns

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