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Words of Wisdom for Water Management


         These passages come from our research study and Wager Management Program and are intended to give you a better insight into the philosophy of water management.

Education is the first tool in managing water. Our water management program is an educational tool for the gardening community. We proudly state that we have set the trends when it comes to outdoor water conservation. By using water-saving technology, large amounts can be conserved without drastically changing life-styles.

Water Conservation is a guideline; a consistent series of choices, explanations, education, and recommendations. Once you have a basic understanding and put it into practice, your savings will improve every year. True water conservation is a set of habits that last a lifetime.

Bad watering habits cause us to water more, rather than less. Without water conservation, water simply runs out into the streets and into the rain gutters, serving no purpose whatsoever. Unfortunately, too many people water their yard every day or every other day with little to no thought about how to irrigate correctly. To water in May as you would in August is incorrect. You must compensate for temperature changes. During a heat wave for example, extra watering time is required for the purpose of replacing the water that was lost during transpiration.

Your beautiful lawn is an asset to the neighborhood. It has a value for you so thatís why you take pride in its appearance. Most uf us want our lawns to look as green as a storybook picture. Your lawn serves as a childrenís play area, a place to play with your dog, and a soft refuge under a tree on a hot summerís day. Our WMP not only saves water but also helps to maintain a healthy environment for your lawn and landscape.

Water management works best when you have a clear understanding of all the functions of your irrigation clock. Setting your clock only once and expecting it to get through the year is a poor example of water management. Get in the habit of checking your clock monthly. Try your best to match your irrigation schedules to ours.

Think of the sprinkler parts as the backbone of your yard. These are the tools that are going to keep your plants healthy. Choose a sprinkler installation design that works well with your yard. Spend time deciding which sprinkler types are best suited for your current lawn and landscape, and also consider the irrigation types needed for the plants youíll be adding later on.

Water management doesnít end at the faucet. Turf and landscape maintenance work hand in hand with mater management.

Mother Nature is the one who turns the handle on the valve telling us whether of not we will have rain.

Please remember, thereís always enough water to use, but never enough to waste.

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