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Irrigation Clocks, They're Your Key


When used correctly, your automatic irrigation clock is the key tool that makes Water Management work for you. An automatic clock takes away the guess work and allows you to do a lot more with your water than simply turn it off and on. It also frees you from the task of hand watering the yard.


Look for an irrigation clock that provides all of these functions:

1. Sets the time of day

This feature presets the time into the clocks memory.

2. Sets the day of the week

This feature presets the day of the week into the clocks memory.

3. Sets running time for each individual station

This feature allows you to program the running time through each valve. For example; Valve A has 15 minutes running time, Valve B has 8 minutes running time, etc.

4. Has dual programmable watering schedules

This feature allows you to set some stations to lawns and some stations to landscape. It also allows you to set a separate day program.

5. Sets program times

This feature tells the computer to turn the program on to the preset times. For example; 1:00 am, 3:00 am, 5:00 am. Clocks should have a multiple program schedule.

6. Has an automatic/manual switch

This feature allows you to: a) Water the complete program at any given time without losing your previous schedule, and b) turn any given station off or on at any time without interfering with the preset schedule.

All irrigation clocks need to be kept in a cool dry place away from the elements. Many people keep their clocks in the garage or somewhere else around the house that is easily accessible. Take the time to inspect your clock and understand its functions. In summary, all your clock basically does is turn your irrigation valves on and off at selected times.



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