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Ways to Save Household Energy


         I t's the year 2001 and we find ourselves in an energy crisis. Simply put this means that there is not enough electricity and natural gas to meet with the current demand. In situations of this kind, the utility company's solution is to increase our rates, forcing us to feel the "crunch" and pay closer attention to conservation. This energy crisis is no different from the 1987-1992 drought. The only real difference is the resource- back in 1987 it was water, today it's natural gas and electricity. Although the resource has changed, the solution is the same. In order to conserve both energy and money, household energy consumption must be reduced in order to lower our monthly bill.Here some tips we'd like to share with you. So, gather the family together and say, "Yes, we can save energy !"

This list can go on and on. Even if you practice only a portion of all these items, you will still see a reduction in your household consumption reflected by the size of your utility bill. Remember" there always enough energy to use, but never enough to waste.

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