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The Results Are In For The Happy Gardeners
Water Management Program Questionnaire


Since 1986, we have actively encouraged Residential Farmers (our Contra Costa clients and all other newsletter recipients to follow, to learn from, to test out, and participate in our Water Management Program. During the drought years we were challenged by the idea of keeping our lawns and landscapes alive and thriving while water supplies were being severely limited. There was an urgent need to teach you how to water your yard properly, while at the same time, keeping your water bill as low as possible.

We received 100 responses from the 300 questionnaires that we sent out to you last October. It tells us that a third of you choose to pay attention and get involved. So go ahead and pat yourself on the back-THGWMP only works because of you. It is you who decides to set your irrigation clock according to our prescribed schedule. Let me thank you all for participating. You have made an important effort in your community to save water. As you know, there is always enough water to use but never enough to waste.

  1. Has The Happy Gardener's Water Management Program helped you understand the dynamics of irrigating your lawn and landscape?
    85 yes     7 no    8 sometimes

  2. Do you read our newsletter?
    89 yes    3 no    8 sometimes

  3. Do you fine our newsletter stories and articles to be helpful?
    78 yes     8 no    14 sometimes

  4. Do you look upon THG newsletter as an educational tool that has helped teach you how to water your lawn and landscape?
    86 yes    4 no    10 sometimes

  5. Has THGWMP helped you decide the method in which you water your yard?
    73 yes    11 no    16 sometimes

  6. Can you set your irrigation clock?
    80 yes    6 no    14 sometimes

  7. Does your gardener (excluding Bird) set your irrigation clock?
    11 yes     78 no    11 sometimes

  8. Is our monthly Irrigation Schedule easy to follow?
    78 yes    8 no     14 sometimes

  9. Do you program your clock according to the settings in the Irrigation Schedule?
    64 yes    16 no    20 sometimes

  10. Do you recommend THGWMP to your family and friends?
    73 yes     16 no    11 sometimes

  11. Has THGWMP helped you identify the irrigation parts in your yard?
    63 yes     19 no    18 sometimes

  12. Can you identify a pop-up?
    87 yes    5 no    8 sometimes

  13. Has THGWMP helped you solve at least one of your irrigation problems?
    81 yes     9 no    10 sometimes

  14. Has THGWMP influenced your decision to conserve water in the lawn and landscape?
    83 yes    7 no    10 sometimes

  15. Is conservation on your mind when watering your lawn and landscape?
    81 yes    3 no    16 sometimes

  16. do you think THGWMP saves water?
    80 yes    3 no     17 sometimes

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