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Take The Bucket Test

- Part 3 -


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  • Twist and remove shrub adapter from the riser
  • Insert WaterSaver into bottom of shrub adapter
  • Insert filter into riser
  • Reassemble shrub adapter back to riser
FOR BEST RESULTS... Clean the nozzle of all debris such as bugs and rocks. Use the filter to keep the WaterSaver disk clean. Completely open up the flow adjustment screw on the nozzle before inserting the WaterSaver disk into the adapter. Then turn on the water and adjust the screw down if necessary.
  • Follow the illustration above to set up for your bucket test.
  • Use the enclosed green WaterSaver disk with a nozzle that has a 1/2 spray pattern for test,
  • Insert WaterSaver into bottom of adapter and screw adapter back into riser (Fig. B).
  • Turn the water on. hold the bucket under the adapter for 1 minute, then remove. Turn water off and pour water from the bucket into a measuring container.
  • Remove WaterSaver and repeat procedure.
  • Compare.
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Pressure Compensation Device. A plastic or rubber cone that is attached to the bottom of a nozzle. It has the same function as a WaterSaver. PCD's are inserted into pop-ups and shrub adapters.

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A plastic disk that is inserted into the bottom of a shrub adapter. Its function is to stablilize water pressure, reduce fogging and reduce water runoff. WaterSavers come in green to accommodate 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 spray patterns, and black to accommodate 3/4 and full spray patterns.

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